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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nine Patch One More Time

Here is a picture of the nine patch with the white borders. I have been looking at different border quilting designs. I haven't marked it yet though. The rest of it will probably be quilted along the sewing lines and maybe on some of the diagonals. I also have to find some fabric for the back. I might have enough fabric to make large squares of some of the pieces I used for the nine patches.

Meanwhile, today I washed and ironed all my new fabrics that I bought yesterday and they are sittting there tantalizing me. I have to look through some of my books and decide what to do with them. Maybe it's time to start my green quilt, although those pinks and purples are calling me too.


Aunt Jenny said... is just beautiful!!
and a green quilt sounds wonderful favorite color! I think I will make one sometime stash is really heavy on the greens and reds!

Fiona said...

The nine patch is looking good - the white borders really show up the vibrant colours of the blocks.

ForestJane said...

I'll vote for the green too... lol

But then again, those warm pinks would brighten up your winter if you started a quilt with them. :)

Ali Honey said...

Great progress. Those new fabrics will wait while you finish your nine patch. Just look and touch and imagine all the possibilities!

Sandra said...

What a difference a border makes! It would look fab on my bed :-) :-)

Jodie said...

Hi Joyce, I think this is looking great. What size are you nine patches?


Cynthia said...

i like the progress on your quilt. The white border really makes the blocks stand out.

KCQuilter said...

Your Nine Patch is looking great!

Darcie said...

That is one striking quilt right now, Joyce! Just think what you'll have when you're all finished...GORGEOUS!

Libby said...

Gosh, it's just going to look great. I'm sure you'll find just the quilting design for your border.

Tazzie said...

It's looking just lovely, you've done a wonderful job.

Elaine Adair said...

This is even better than the last time I saw it. That white, wide border makes it spectacular -- and it's just a regular nine-patch. Goes to show you, incredible quilts can be made from simple patterns.

meggie said...

That quilt looks so good with the borders.
I can understand you wanting to get onto the pinks- they look lovely.

Nadine said...

Hi, Joyce !
This is my first comment on your blog (which I found, while reading your comment on "Aussie Quilter".
And what do I see, as a first picture ? This gorgeous nine patch of yours ! How beautiful ! Congratulations !
Now, I'm going to visit the rest of your blog : there must be treasures in there !

NADINE in Belgium
(Friendship Threads)

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the nine patches! Lovely colors and the border seems to really give the color punch.