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Friday, November 17, 2006

Tech Troubles

Thanks for all the great comments on my Double Wedding Ring. It was very satisfying to finally finish it.
Meanwhile we have been having all sorts of internet problems. Our connection was constantly off and on and off but more often off. We have a huge aerial on top of our house that points to a tower about ten miles away. We had to get it made taller because the trees were interefring with the signal. Since then it has been constant problems. We called tech support and for three days we have been on the phone while they walked us through the same thing over and over. We asked if it could be some short in a wire outside and they said no chance. When I was talking to the tech guy he insisted it was our home network once he heard that there were two computers connected together.They don't hold themselves resonsible for networking and he insisted that my son had changed something when he networked the computers. Never mind that they worked at first. Then my husband got on the phone with them yesterday. They listen more to a man for some reason. Finally, they said they'd send someone out. Sure enough it was a bad connection outside. One of the wires was too short and they had to splice it and that was where the problem was. The bottom line is that it is now working. Knock on wood that it keeps going.
Now I have to catch up on blog reading and emails. More quilting pictures later.


Elaine Adair said...

Yes, 'they' always listen to a man ...So gals, what should we do about that? Oh boy, that could be another BLOG!!!!

Cynthia said...

glad you finally have it sorted out.

The Double Wedding Ring quilt is just beautiful. Love the fabrics.

quiltpixie said...

of course it was your problem! isn't it always? Arggggg :-)

Anonymous said...

Grrrr Joyce. Love the 'all care but no responsibility' of these places. NOT.

Glad you have the issue finally sorted out. Sorry it took a man's voice to get them interested...