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Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Moon

Sorry no pictures again. I forgot to get batteries in town yesterday. Too bad because tonight there is a beautiful full moon that leaves shadows on the snow. It is incredible. Maybe I'll get some photos tomorrow night.
True's swelling has gone down in his fingers and he's feeling much better today. He will be able to start going for walks and doing something other than playing with his Game Boy.I'm sure he'll be heartily sick of that cast before it's finally off.
I have been quilting on my Nine Patch and am now working on the border. One more day might do it but I have chosen quite a complicated border so maybe not. It's a good thing I am a Maverick quilter because the quilting on this one is really maverick! I think I should have used more pins especially where I made the first couple of rows of stitching. They kind of stretched out of shape. Well, luckily, it's a busy pattern with lots of colors so not as noticable as it could have been. Hopefully there will be a picture of the finished quilt in a few days.


Anonymous said...

have good howl at the moon, and enjoy the shadows :-)

Clare said...

My quilts always stretch! Latest one is definitely not flat!

Susan said...

I was amazed at how bright the moon was the last few nights. The coyotes were just out singing to it a bit ago. They sounded so joyful!