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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hat Instructions

Lois R asked for instructions for the polar fleece hat so here goes. The exact size depends on the size of your head, but also on how stretchy the fleece is. Some fleece is much more stretchy and can be made smaller. The measurements shown fit my head if the fleece is quite stretchy. To make it larger just add a bit to each end of the brim and make the top the same.
Cut 2 brim pieces. Notice that the ear flaps are closer to the back. My first one had the flaps in the middle of the brim and they were totally in the wrong place. Sew the back of each brim piece. If you want strings, braid three pieces of fleece and insert them before you sew the two brim pieces together. Then sew the two brim pieces together wrong sides facing along the edge with the flaps. (The curved edge.) Turn right side out and machine baste the top edge.
Now the fun part is adding decoration. I cut a half inch strip of fleece with the stretch. When you pull it, it will turn under and you can zigzag it on. The wonderful thing about fleece is that it won't fray.

Cut two top pieces and sew them together on the round edge to make a hat shape. Then fold it half right sides together so that the seams touch and sew another curve the opposite way. THat doesn't sound very clear, but you should end up with a cross on the top. This just makes the hat rounder. It should look like the top on the pink and blue one.I didn't take a picture of that step but if it is unclear I can take one when I make my next hat. I only do one layer for the top but if you want it very warm you can use two layers. Place the brim and hat raw edeges together right sides together and sew them. Turn right side out.
Voila! That's all there is to it.


meggie said...

Love that hat Joyce. I will have to make one for my youngest nephew. He had a grey hat similar to that, that he lived in while I was over there on holiday- I even asked if he wore it to bed!
His has the strings on the sides too! -but he doesnt tie them.
I am still catching up on all the blogs, since my holiday.

Darcie said...

These are simply adorable, Joyce!!! Thanks for sharing your pattern and your pointers!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, thanks for the pattern!

I had one like this growing up, made of thick red felt, wool, I think. But my favorite part was that it had two attached brown felt braids on either side, and when I put it on, with my own brown braids, I thought it looked really funny. Thanks for bringing back the memory!

Anonymous said...

very nice hats Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Fun hats! Thanks for the instructions.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Thanks Joyce-probably not a lot of call for them around here at the moment but good to file!