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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Country Roads

I was listening to a John Denver CD when I thought that these words would be great on a quilt. I am thinking of trying a landscape quilt. I have a great photo but I need to decide whether to piece the sky or paint it with dyes. I may try the dyes and if I don't like the results go to the piecing. I couldn't wait to start on the letters so here they are so far. I am going to re-do the A in Roads. It's too small, too high and looks too much like an O. I much prefer the one in Take. It's easy to change one letter so I'll do that first thing tomorrow.

Maggie is on the back burner while I wait for some barbed wire for the sashing. I thought I might piece a woman to be Maggie so I did it with the same orange fabric as the letters in the background. I thought that it might work to put a pitchfork in her hand sort of like the painting American Gothic. Sounds like a good idea, right? I'll post the results tomorrow. It's not something that's going to end up on that quilt or probably any other one. Stay tuned.


meggie said...

I love seeing your new adventures!
Have been having computer troubles, but a nice young man seemed to sort it out for me last evening, so I am busy catching up on some blogs, before returning to my sewing.

Lily said...

Joyce you are on some creative roll! Good on you :)

Did Maggie accidentally turn out looking a bit too devilish? I'll stay tuned to find out!

Clare said...

I like the idea of the pitch fork. I've always loved the American Gothic picture.