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Friday, May 04, 2007


Here is a website that some of you might find interesting. It is called HandcraftedCedar
These hats are made by my niece and I think they are just fabulous.
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This one might be my favorite because you can dress it up or down with scarves. Think hand-dyed silk. The two great things about cedar are the wonderful woodsy smell and the fact that it is waterproof.
Meanwhile, I am plugging away at my animals but won't get much done today because I am off to our local quilt show. I am hoping to be inspired as I usually am.


meggie said...

Only one of the hats has shown in my access. Sometimes they come up later, so I will check again.
Enjoy your visit to the Quilt show. I think we have one coming up in May, it is combined with the Dolls & Bears show.

atet said...

Enjoy the show! I checked out the web site for the hats -- what lovely work. They look like they would be wonderful to wear!

Clare said...

They are fabulous. I love the stove hat. You are a alented family. Enjoy the quilt show.

Darcie said...

How extraordinary! Very lovely!

margaret said...

Great hat - the idea of using cedar is so logical!