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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Quilt Show

Thanks for all the comments on the quilt show. I'm glad I was standing beside the chickens so you could all see the size (of the chickens, that is!). Most people thought it was smaller than it is.
Since the last few days have been full of meetings, appointments, quilt shows and art shows, I have nothing quilty to show you so I'll give you a few more quilt photos from the show.

You might also want to check out Blue Meadow Designs. They are two former students of my husband's art class who have been featured in several magazines, have written books and designed their own fabric line. Their quilts are wonderful and their books inspiring especially if you enjoy paper piecing. They had several quilts in the show.


atet said...

Thank you for the eye candy! Those poppies really sing don't they?

meggie said...

Lovely quilts!

Ali Honey said...

Enjoyed looking at the quilts. Congratulations for showing your quit!
Those handyed fabrics are really vibrant.

dot said...

Great pictures of the quilts. Your quilts are very creative and I am so happy to see others had the oppertunity to enjoy them. The picture of you is good. I know what you mean about not liking pictures of yourself , I don't like pictures of myself. I never have.