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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Table Runner

I have started a complex table runner and even in the photo there are a couple of mistakes that will be ripped out. The original is in Christmas fabrics but I decided to use something less seasonal. It is quite complicated following the pattern when you change the colors. I am going to change the orange for more of the dark blue. On the original, the fabrics were more related in color. I think it's too chaotic now, considering that the pattern is quite precise.

I finished piecing the Wickedly Easy quilt. I debated about a solid border but decided to go with the pattern on this one. I need to get more batting before I can finish it. I'll make the backing from stash though. I still have enough scraps for several dozen more scrap quilts.


paula, the quilter said...

So it appears that I'm not the only one who unstitches. *smile*

meggie said...

That tablerunner looks to complicated for me to work out just now!
The easy quilt is quite interesting really. I think it doesnt need a border.

Quilt Pixie said...

the table runner looks interesting... Changing colours out without lots of notes for me to refer to each and every time I sit down often leaves me a little lost and confused -- think some of it is middle age and not holding ideas as long in my mind, but if you're making lots of changes it can cause real problems!

Hope you're staying warm under a quilt or two today :-)

maggi said...

I actually like the colours in the table runner. Wickedly Easy quilt is looking great and I think you are right about not using a solid border. it looks so free and funky at the moment a that a solid would hold it down

Lise said...

your work looks great, love the colors,,, can't wait to see it all done...happy stitching ...Lise

Libby said...

Love the WE quilt - I've been in the mood for some easy, mindless sewing.