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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Dye Job

I did some dyeing this morning. While I was waiting for the dye to batch I started this wall hanging. The center looked a bit Easter so I added some borders and trims. I think there will be quite a few changes before it's done.

I tried dyeing rainbow colors. Once I had started I realized I didn't have enough blue dye so I used turquoise instead. It doesn't look much like a rainbow but I do like the results anyway. The top two are done with some new fabric that I just got yesterday. The colors are much more intense in that fabric.

This is my favorite piece, done with the new fabric. Do you see the tree in the lower left corner?


Lynn said...

Joyce your dyed fabrics are wonderful. Yes, I see the tree.
I was going to tell you about Chris in Shady Grove and her new store/blog Dyed Candy...but maybe you just do your own. You might go look anyway.
Interesting hanging you have started there.
Enjoy the weekend.

Vicki W said...

I think your new fabrics look great!

Darcie said...

I too, love seeing "hidden" treats in hand dyed fabrics! That's the best part of the pressing task, I think.

Your hand dyeds are just the inspiration that I needed to begin my week. I'll be dyeing.... ;-)

Judith said...

Wow, these dyed pieces are super. I can see a rabbit, a cat and your tree.

Chris said...

I love dyeing with Turquoise. It makes the most gorgeous purples. Lovely fabrics