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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grand Forks Shopping

Yesterday my friend, Lori, and I went shopping in Grand Forks. The original idea was to go to Fargo but that city is all closed down due to flooding. As it was, we had to avoid the I29 interstate and take smaller highways due to water on the road.
Of course I had to head straight to Joanne Fabrics where I got the assortment of black and white fat quarters. I also got a few bag handles and magnetic snaps. I have been wanting the Jane Davilla book since I saw it on someone's blog. I love the way it is set up as lessons with homework. I'm going back to school! I hope to work through the entire book in the next few months.
After some other shopping we headed farther south to Mayville and Faye's Henhouse quilt shop, one of my all time favorites. My only problem there is that there are so many delicious fabrics and kits and quilt samples that I don't know what to buy. I ended up just getting the little package of spring like Moda fabrics. I did find a nice circle cutting ruler as well. Does anyone detect more black and white circle quilts in my near future?


Brenda said...

ooooh, fun shopping. I'm going to shop in Moosimin and Saskatoon and Hague when we go to Sask. at the end of the week.

MYRA said...

Oooooo.... you did get a ways down South! Good for you Joyce! 8-)
Great B&Ws, book, and circle ruler!
Mayville is a place I have never been...yet!!! 8-)

Darcie said...

Glad you had a safe journey! Any further south and you may have run into lots of snow!

You've got a wonderful array of blacks/whites!

Happy *studying!* ;-)

Quilt Pixie said...

ooo thanks for the reminder! I picked up that book and started working through it and then got way laid... may need to revisit it!

Mitchel fabrics on main st in Winnipeg had an intersting B&W I contemplated yesterday which if you're in the city would compliment what you picked up -- it was four distinct patterns in 1 meter printed as fat quaters! great fun...

Lynn said...

I have that book too. A good one.
Love all the fabs you bought!

Judy said...

I've had my eye on Jane Davila's new book ever since it came out. I'm glad you gave it such a positive review. I am using the Kemshell's Painted Quilt book a lot right now, and loving it.