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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tibetan Robe Coming Along


Here's the Tibetan Robe so far. I got the quilting done this morning, not exactly the way I had planned with the chalk. It was too wide a pattern for my mid-arm so I revised it as I went. The blue decorative shoulder parts are just pinned on. There will be a collar that is brown on one side and blue on the other that goes all the way down the front. It will also have facing at the bottom and around the side slit.

Things I learned.
1. It's pretty heavy when quilted. It would probably be fine with just a lining or else quilted with no lining.
2. I knew this but forgot. Draw the pattern pieces on after quilting. I forgot to account for shrinkage when quilted. It's not much but made it a bit hard to fit the underarms. I'll have to cut a bit off the lining at the bottom.
3. Be careful of the straight side of the pieces that get narrow at the top. I think I have one or two wrong and it may not hang exactly straight.

Maybe that's why it's good to work in a series.


Lise said...

wow, you are very busy lady... and love the colors of this robe you are

Kay said...

That collar would be a good place to add the gold color. Try a very dark gold which might look almost brown.

The stamping and quilting look very rich and regal.

Wanda said...

This is shaping up to be quite beautiful. I like that you learn as you go. We should all do that! Very anxious to see progress!

Debra said...

I'm a little tired of new "surprises" with each piece I have done lately so you are going to see more series out me too.

Your coat will be perfect for Canada but I could never even begin to wear something like that here in Houston. Unfortunately.