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Monday, December 07, 2009

Kitty Corner

Today I made some words for Kitty Corner. I ran out of the fabric behind winter and at. I am pretty sure I have more of it but I just can't find it so I made Kitty with a different background. I still have to make Corner. I am a bit at a loss as to how to arrange the houses. If I make two rows it looks a bit odd to have snow, sky and then more snow. I have previously done some houses in a square with writing in the middle. Or with a dark line between the rows of houses as I did on the last Kitty Corner.
I want the words to go around the corner (kitty corner) on this one so having the words in the middle is not really an option. If I put the houses in a square what would I put in the middle? Should Winter At be on the bottom or does it look better going around the corner. Maybe it will be more clear once Corner is done.
Is that too many questions?


sparkle jars said...

Those trees add a lot of movement to the 'em.

Myra said...

Me too! Love those trees! 8-)

em's scrapbag said...

I'm loving this!!! Just great!

Rose Marie said...

Wow .... love everything that you doing with this hanging! Those trees just give so much sparkle.

Helen said...

What about winter coming down the side(turn it the other way up, then at and Kitty Corner with corner having same background as Kitty. Like an L shape? Looks like lots of fun anyways. Cousin Helen