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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Table Topper

I finished quilting the 16 Patch today and now I have a mile of binding to hand sew. I hate doing black on black. You can't see what you are doing. The good thing is that nobody can see the quality of the stitching either.

Here is the craft table before.

And here it is after, with the table topper on it. I want to get some clear plastic to put over it so I won't have to wash it so often.


Brenda said...

The 16 patch looks great. Its amazing how two simple blocks combine to make a beautiful and complicated quilt. I'm with you on the black binding. I still have one long side to do on my black on black. on the other hand, today I machine bound four placemats with a utility stitch. Looks OK, not great, but they're meant to be used.

Myra said...

You are on a roll there with the big ones Joyce! Looking good! 8-)
A clear plastic covering is a good plan, one that I do over Christmas and New Years... 8-)

Debra said...

Just sew the binding on by machine. Life is short.

Cascade Lily said...

Super job Joyce. I was also going to suggest you do the binding by machine, since no one will notice it!

em's scrapbag said...

Very nice you did a great job!!!