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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Repair Job

Here is an ugly repair job. Plus there were four of them to do. Both of us have worn holes in the heels of our snow boot liners. I thought I'd try to repair them before investing a lot of money in new ones. I stuffed each hole with wool batting and then glued on a leather patch.

It looks a lot better now but it all depends on the strength of the fabric glue I used. I had to put a patch on the inside of two of the liners because they were worn right through. I don't have high hopes of those patches staying on.

For my own pleasure I made a few more kitty houses. I will make words saying Kitty Corner Winter or Kitty Corner in Winter or Winter at Kitty Corner. I'm not sure what color the words will be but I think I'll use the swirly dots for the background. I made all the windows bright yellow to give a feeling of warmth and homeyness. I like to imagine that there is hot chocolate or eggnog brewing in each of the houses.


Mary D said...

I love your little houses!

Debra said...

E6000 is the best glue I have ever used for anything and especially for fabric so if your glue doesn't hold, try it.

Darcie said...

Looks like a pretty terrific repair job, Joyce! Hope the glue holds up.

Your little wintery Kitty Corners are looking so fun already. Love those snowy fabrics!

Myra said...

Who knows? Maybe your patchwork will last the winter... Looks good! Hope they feel good on your feet! 8-)

Kitty Corner is looking great!

Love the fabrics you've used on your pillow! Looks good! 8-)

Kay said...

I love the winter Kitty Corner. I just like winter scenes I think.

Elaine Adair said...

The kitty houses sure caught my eye - cuuuuuteeeee!

Cascade Lily said...

'Winter at kitty corner' may be the longest title, but I think it's by far the cutest!