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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting There

The One Block Wonder, at this stage, is a bit boring. Lots of short bias seams to sew. I have eight of the thirteen rows assembled. For a bit of light relief, I have loaded the Teddy Bears on the frame and will spend part of my time doing some creative doodling on it.

I'm thinking the black border will have to go. Maybe a gray similar to the medium value on the boxes would work better. I'll have to dye some though, because I don't have enough left of that piece.


Kay said...

I can see that this would be tedious, but tricky too. Hang in there. The complexity of this quilt when finished will be worth it.

Myra said...

A break/change now and then during the day is good to keep you going when a project gets to feel/be tedious! 8-)