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Friday, May 07, 2010

A New Layout

This is the latest arrangement. I put most of the boxes in the middle with lights around them and darks toward the edges. Then I saw that there was a hole in the upper left corner so I made some more boxes. I'm going to try darks near the boxes to make them more subtle. Then I'll try darks to one side and lights on the other. So many possibilities. I'll probably make some more boxes too, just because they are fun to do. I have some triangle graph paper to design some of my own ideas for boxes.


Millie said...

those complex boxes are seriously cool. You should be able to find triangle graph paper on line - you can just print it out.

desertnetti said...

I do love your layouts. I especially love the 'latest' layout. I think it has the effect of a community in the middle with a suburb popping up on the corner! It'll look fantastic whatever you decide! .AnnetteB