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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to School

Here are Sky, Free and Summer all ready to go back to their old school after being away in San Diego for half a year. Because they have a 45 minute drive from here to their school, they were up with the sun.

Meanwhile I made some salsa from tomatoes that SIL, Nedra, gave me. I managed to process them in the canner for an hour in the 27 degree heat we are having today. It certainly heated up the kitchen but we will eat out on the deck later so no problem. It will be freezing cold here soon enough.

I am not doing any quilting because the studio is more or less organized for the studio tour and I don't want to mess it up. That's the downside of a clean, organized studio.


quiltpixie said...

the salsa looks so yummy... I may have to make some of my own soon....

Screen Door said...

Beautiful kids - The salsa doesn't look half bad either...

EileenKNY said...

I love your children's names! Good luck to them in school this year.
Got any pictures of the studio you can post? I really like seeing where other people work.
Good on ya for canning in the heat.

Darcie said...

Great looking teens! How fun for you to be somewhat close. A lot closer that San Diego!

Your salsa looks wonderful! Ohh...I can smell it and nearly taste it! Yum!

Do you think you'll be able to snap some photos during the share with your blogging friends?!?

Lucy said...

You have beautifull kids... With beautifull dark hair and brown eyes. The opposite of my kids :-)

Lois R. said...

MMM... that salsa looks great! And your grandkids are beautiful. They're so lucky to get to spend so much time with grandparents -- something I never got to do as a kid. I envy them.

Yes, since your studio is all clean and neat for the tour, how about some pics for us?

Rae said...

I'm glad to see you back at the blog. I have missed your comments also. I know I don't comment that much myself. My excuss is Most of my blog reading is at work durring lunch or in the evenings when after 8 hrs staring at 2 computer screens my mind and eyes cann't get beyound reading. So here is my catch up comment:

1)Your log cabins are fantastic. I lke your finnal lay out.

2)I love Summers quilt. Great Job.

3)On your trip you were right across the bay (San Francisco Bay) from me. If you crossed the Golden Gate Bridge you were in my home area. I hope you enjoyed it.

4) The kids do look great and the salsa looks so good.

5) Yes please to share some pics of the tour and your studio.

6) Thanks agian for your bloging friendship and your visits to my blog. You may wish to check the pics of my Grandma's whonky log cabins(yes in the 50s the appaerantly did non conventional quilting also).


Karen said...

Any photos of the sewing studio? What beautiful children!

Lily said...

Are Sky and Summer twins? They all look relatively happy to be going back to school :)

SO funny about your studio being too tidy to work in! Goodness knows how minimalists live - they obviously don't quilt!!

ForestJane said...

Seeing the kids dressed for back to school makes me remember my first days... but back then (a long time ago) seems like we always wore plaid... lol

Times have sure changed, haven't they? The salsa looks great too - bet you'll enjoy that later - a taste of summer in winter.