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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the Table

Here is the Double Irish Chain on the quilt frame in the sunroom. It really matches the walls perfectly. Maybe it will find a new home there. Of course it will be there for the better part of a year getting quilted. I want to get green thread for doing the green border in fans. The rest will be done in off-white. That is all the quilt stuff I have done today and we are off to town now so that will probably be it for the day. I am so stiff from all the kneeling to baste yesterday that I wouldn't get much done anyway. Showing my age I guess!


Screen Door said...

I love quilting frame. Is it hard on your back sitting at the frame and working?

quiltpixie said...

wow, a whole year. Do you do it all yourself without helpers?

Lily said...

Wow a year! Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself how long it's taking me to quilt my first quilt - and it's only a cot quilt LOL

Love the colour you chose for your sunroom wall.

Darcie said...

Your quilt looks lovely in your sunroom, Joyce. I really like your color choices of your Double Irish Chain. Very a meadow.

Judy said...

Love that quilting frame, it's so sturdy. Most seem so flimsy. The quilt looks wonderful!

meggie said...

Love this quilt!

You are lucky you can get down onto your knees. I am told I need a new one- 'they' dont like to give them out until you are 'older'- you might live too long, & wear it out!!

Soooo, I have started making smaller quilts, that I can pin or baste on the table.