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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Food China Style

Carmel asked me to show some food pictures. I didn't have my own camera so there are not as many as there could be but here's what I could find. This is Sacha buying snacks at the local corner store. We had no idea what a lot of the items were. One that looked like juice turned out to be cooking oil. We didn't buy it but were able to ask the clerk and get an answer by pantomime.

This is dinner "on the hoof" from the market. No, I didn't buy it. Lol.

Here is Sacha enjoying her favorite meal, a fruit plate. Some of them had a watermelon cut into flower shapes but I couldn't find a photo of one like that.

Here I am (we had just come back from our long bike ride but I wasn't really too tired to open my eyes. I'm blaming the flash) enjoying fried rice served in a pineapple. Delicious!


katelnorth said...

amazing Joyce - and I love the pictures of the mountains in your last post. You must have had such a fabulous time...

Cascade Lily said...

Welcome 'home'! All those China pictures are making me so envious Joyce! What wonderful vistas - how inspiring. So glad you had a wonderful trip. Now you need a holiday to recover from your holiday!

ROZ said...

Amazing pictures. And an inspiration to me--I should take more photos. Things that seem so every-day to me probably look strange to others.

Chocolate Cat said...

What wonderful photos of the China portion of your trip. My children's school have a compulsary trip there in year 9 for 4 weeks, my son went last year. I would love to visit what is such an amazing country. Love the luxury hotel!!

carmel said...

where is the dog or eel or weird stuff? looks all very civilised and quite posh!
and i could go for that fruit plate!
we made bulgolgi beef (korean style) again tonight with yakitori. yummo. wish you were all here still!
ps sanny and wing from the Red Wok were really interested to hear about your trip to china... they like to eat jelly fish tentacles with chicken. do you?

Clare said...

Chinese food is yum! I love Chinese supermarkets. Notice they've Chuppa Chups on the counter LOL.

Lovely photo of you!

Ali Honey said...

Oh what wonderful places you have visited , but I bet it is good to be home.

The photo of the mountain reflecting in the still water is beautiful.

Back to some quilting now I expect?

Libby said...

Oh my - what wonderful photos - I'm so happy to be enjoying this trip to China through your eyes *S*