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Monday, April 07, 2008

More China

Here we are on our rented bikes with our guide. She was a lady from the area who had learned to speak English on her own. She was amazing and told us stories and legends of the mountains and how they got their names. We were astounded to find that she is 50 years old. She looked about 30 and had the energy of 20.

The path deteriorated as we went because of all the rain they had been experiencing. We kept on even though we had to push the bikes part of the way.This wonderful raft ride was our reward. The scenery was gorgeous and we landed about a half hour ride from Yangshuo.
One of the mountains as seen from the raft.

The view of the main shopping street of Yangshuo from the restaurant balcony where we ate that evening.


meggie said...

Wonderful pics. Great post. What a wonderful experience.

Katie said...

Welcome home. What a wonderful trip. Take your time resting up and then post more pics. I'm sure enjoying them.

Tracey in CT said...

Lucky you...what a fabulous trip you seem to have had!

Those mountains are really something! I've never seen mountains shaped like that before.

Clare said...

Oh Joyce. I am so envious. That scenery is just something else. I've never seen anything like it. That one of you on teh raft is great. Hope you are getting back to normal slowly but surely. Was your sewing studio pleased to see you?

carmel said...

how awesome is that?!? sacha looks right at home on the raft, with someone chauffeuring her around. hehe
the pics are great. keep them coming. i want to see some of food.
maybe i'm just hungry...

Susan Pharaoh said...

Hey there! I've been following you around the world! Great pix! Looking forward to seeing you at the studio once you've recovered! Welcome home!