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Monday, June 09, 2008


Yesterday my sons organized a paintball day at Robin's place. He has lots of space with trees and two teenage sons. What better recipe for success at paintball! They had six guns so made teams of three each side. They played several games, stopped to eat and then played a couple more games.

True was annoyed that he couldn't play. The consensus was that ten years old is too young. Finally, Joe, Carmel and Sandy said they would let him dress up and shoot at them without shooting back. They went out with only True having a gun. I think he had more fun than they did but he found it surprisingly hard to hit them. I was surprised at how the paintball can bruise if there is a direct hit.

No, I did not play.

I have two borders to sew on and I will be finished piecing my newest quilt. I don't think there are any mistakes but I'll put it on the bed and have a good look before I start loading it on the quilting machine. It's too big to fit on the design wall now.


jovaliquilts said...

I always thought paintball sounded like fun, but then someone told me it could really hurt. But everyone I know who's ever played it had a great time!

Libby said...

Yes, those paintballs can be brutal *yikes*

Darcie said...

I know that they never would...but wouldn't the nearby ghost town be a great place to have paintball wars?!

Sounds like True's family is filled with some pretty good sports! ;-)

Judy said...

Looks like the kids had a great time. Paintball is all the rage here too.