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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doll Book

Yesterday at the thrift shop while I was trying to talk myself out of buying the sewing machine (as you know, it didn't work) I found this doll book. I'm not a doll maker but I couldn't resist the large coffee table book.

These two really appealed to me. I love their clothing.

This Japanese doll is exquisite.


Myra said...

The Doll book is an awesome find!

Good on you with the featherweight, and yes, someone there knew the value of them... I inherited mine from my grandmother...

As per usual, you've been quite busy, and I see I missed a giveaway with my absence this past weekend!!! lol! Good for Klaudia with her win!8-)

Your finishes are looking awesome Joyce!

I think I am caught up now! Have a good week! 8-)

pwl said...

Why on earth would you *try* to talk yourself out of buying the featherweight? Now, *I* would, but that's because I have 2 already! LOL

Janet said...

Before I retired, my art teacher friend poured some china heads and hands so I could fire some for her and I for future granddaughters. I have yet to make the bodies or assemble them but . . . this did make me think again about starting.

Wanda said...

The book is nice...very unique. Dolls used to be such a treasured possession. I don't know if it's true today..I don't really know any little girls..but I do know that back in the "old days" sometimes all the little girl had was one doll. And they were really and truly works of art!

Clare said...

Beautiful. The two dolls on the cover and in the second photo remind me of the sisters in Sense and Sensibility. Very jane Austen.