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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Freshly Dyed Fabrics

Yesterday I dyed some fabrics with the new cloth I got. It was recommended by Judy Morningstar when I talked to her at her opening. It is a type of ticking that is often used to make feather duvets. It is very tightly woven. It was $7.99/metre but if I buy a bolt of 50 metres it's only $5.99. It's 90 inches wide so I think that's a pretty good deal. If I like the 5 metres that I bought, I'll probably go back and get a bolt.
I tried some that were pre-soaked in soda ash and some that had the soda ash added later. I thought the pre-soaked turned out a bit brighter. I didn't pre-wash this batch because I was too eager to try it out. Tomorrow I'll try one that is pre-washed to see if there is a signifigant difference. It has been raining hard ever since shortly after this picture was taken so I'm going to wait for dry weather so I can work outside.

This is a close up of one of my favorite pieces.

I love the avocado green one too. Some of them have too much white left so I'll either over-dye them or paint on them.


Vicki W said...

They are beautiful!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Wonderful color blowing dry on the line. Beautiful.

Myra said...

Holy Dina! I'm a week behind here!

Love the birds (just found the pattern), wonderful prize you've won, and great thrift store finds! 8-)

Your dyed fabrics look wonderful! 8-)

Stay dry!

Wanda said...

These are my dream materials! And if that makes me a middle-aged hippy....I'm okay with that!

imquilternity said...

Gorgeous fabrics!