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Monday, June 29, 2009


I did a bit of work on this one that I call Out, in contrast to the Down one I worked on before. There is still lots of work to be done on it but it already looks pretty up and happy to me.
I wish now that I had inserted a few horizontal green lines before I fused the leaves on the right side section. I'm debating whether to do that part again with the green lines. Lesson learned, do not be too hasty with the iron when fusing.


em's scrapbag said...

Yes fusible web is not very forgiving. This is looking so full of life. Very nice

Janet said...

This is definitely UP and happy but I like DOWN equally. Nice embellishment and balance.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I like this one already. I love that color green with the gold and red/orange. I have never combined that before and it is really good together.

Maybe you could cut some horizontal lines in two pieces to look like they go behind the leaves on the right and fuse them down.

Myra said...

Lovely cheery Joyce! You are such a creative gal... 8-)

Wanda said...

Interesting choice of names! I see summer!! I really like it and really enjoy looking at it with the name that YOU chose. It looks very different with different names put to it.

Darcie said...

What a lively, fun quilt! Gorgeous fabrics!!! Your hand dyeds?

You've probably already come up with a plan...but I was wondering about couching on some horizontal fibers or yarns? Or perhaps something horizontal with your paintstiks? Or lines of beads?

Happy weekend to you, Joyce!