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Monday, June 08, 2009

Too Many Bags????

Here are most of my bags piled on the kitchen table with no sort of organization. Some are used, most are unused. I have given many away, and sold some. Maybe it's time to open a shop.


Brenda said...

well, there's I'm of two minds about that myself -- mostly I don't want the hassle of mailing stuff. when are you going up north with your stuff?

jovaliquilts said...

I was going to suggest etsy, too, seems easier than having a booth somewhere. Is there a shop in your area where you might sell these on consignment?

Darcie said...

NEVER too many! ;-) I am so fortunate to have one of your Joyce originals! ;-)

Besides Etsy...perhaps you'd like to check out ArtFire? There is just one monthly fee, no matter the amount that you have listed and no matter the dollar amount that you profit. ;-)

quiltmom said...

Well Joyce,
you have become a true lady of bags - not to be confused with a bag lady:O) They are all gorgeous and I enjoy hearing about all the interesting decisions that you make to create your projects.
Etsy sounds like a good solution if you want to sell them.
I hope you continue to make your lovely bags. It is obvious that you enjoy creating each piece.

Wanda said...

ha ha Maybe you're right...time to open shop!! I don't quite get the random number thing

Libby Fife said...

I sense a shop too. Have you tried EBay?