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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stamping and Sun Dye Experiments

I put a leaf on the carving medium I got on our trip, drew around it and then carved a stamp from it. These are the first practise stamps. I may cut the stamp completely away from around the leaf. The pink blobs were on the fabric already. I just used the first scrap I put my hand on for this test. I also used acrylic paint for the test. On a real project I'd use fabric paint.

This is the first attempt at sun dyeing. Things I learned: Press the leaves first so they lay flat on the fabric. Thick paint works better than thin. Wet the cloth first.

Here is the second attempt. I could have spent more time or the arrangement but I can see these cut out and becoming the center of a block.
Stay tuned.


Sue H said...

I've been wanting to try sun printing. I actually like your first one the best, it almost looks a little batik-y. It's all how you want to use them though. Very cool!

Janet said...

I really like these. Is it messy to work with?

carmel said...

the sun dying is really cool!

Debra said...

I could see all kinds of fun ideas for your leaves. Very cool.

Myra said...

These look awesome Joyce! Very kewl, as K from QGB would say... 8-)

Darcie said...

Gor-geous!!! You're already quite a whiz at the carving tool/s! Why am I not too surprised? lol