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Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning Walk

We live on the Prairies.


Lise said...

wow, you've been a busy bee I see.... love the pillow cases and the rest of your artful it..

carmel said...

looks like home alright!!

sparkle jars said...

This photo brought tears to my eyes. I was born on the prairie (South Dakota) and feel most at peace on the prairie. This is a beautiful photograph. I'm glad you shared it.

Clare said...

Gorgeous photo. I keep on forgetting how big Canada and the US are and pictures like that make me realise how small France is!

quiltmom said...

The prairies are a beautiful place- home of my heart- you can not beat prairie sky- big and broad and you can cast your eye as far as you can in so many directions.
Great photo of it.
I love your new pillowcases too- wonderful fabrics.
Warmest regards,

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my - I think I see Willa Cather somewhere there .. and it looks a LOT like around here, only you have more grass. Lovely, isn't it? Not a sign or billboard, and pole in sight. 8-)

Chris said...

Dreamy. What a beautiful day!

Myra said...

That is pretty hilly prairie you've got there! I'd love to see that on my walk every day... 8-)

Great pillowcases Joyce!