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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Second Peacock Bag

When I cut the strips for the front of the first peacock bag I cut two of each as the directions indicated, forgetting that I wanted the back plain with a pocket on the outside. That meant I had cut fabric for two fronts and this second bag is the result of that. I used green fabric instead of black on the back.

Now I have to decide what handles to use. These are silver and leather from an old purse.

These are plastic and webbing also from an old bag. I think they look too heavy and too sporty for this fabric.

These are a pair of clear plastic handles, more like what is called for in the pattern except those are cloth. I could also make fabric handles...
So many decisions even with a simple item like a bag.


Dolores said...

Can't help you with the handles. It is a personal choice. I like the piping. It really sets it off.

Lise said...

love the fabrics you choose for your bags...great them

Darcie said...

Your hand dyeds couldn't be a more perfect match for the peacock fabric! Gorgeous!

Cascade Lily said...

I can't decide whether I like the black or green one better! Definitely not the plastic handles though :) That peacock fabric is gorgeous on this bag!