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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Technique

I wanted to try a technique from Quilting Arts magazine so I made another cuff. This technique was to quilt and then color with Shiva Paintsticks. On the right side I stippled, not very expertly. I can do it a lot better on my frame but it's difficult to attach something 3x6 inches to a frame that will hold a king sized quilt. After I stippled I went over it with a pink paintstick. On the left side I echoed the curve of the stamped shape and then used a luminous grey paintstick. I added dark beads to the light triangles in the centre piece of fabric. These little cuffs are perfect for trying out new ideas and techniques.


Lynn said...

Interesting as on my computer the cruved lines are gold not pink or grey.???

Meggie said...

What fun you are having.

Cascade Lily said...

I was really tempted to buy some Shiva sticks, but decided it would have to wait. So excited to see you playing with them Joyce.

Judy said...

I love using Shiva paint sticks too, but haven't tried them on a cuff. Yes, your swirl appears gold on my monitor also.