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Saturday, November 27, 2010

American/Canadian Thanksgiving

The view out our window this morning. I think the frost is even thicker beautiful and Christmas-like.

We are invited to our friend's place in North Dakota to celebrate American Thanksgiving a couple of days late because we Canadians didn't get Thursday off work. My contribution is Pumpkin pies, lemon meringue pie, chocolate pecan bourbon pie and bourbon cranberry sauce.


Brenda said...

yum! we have clear skies over here today -- looks like a great day.

Judy Hartman said...

What wonderful food you are bringing!!
My daughter is in toronto and hosting an American Thanksgiving feast for her friends today!

Myra said...

I'm drooling Joyce!!! Wish I was sitting at that table with fork in hand... lol!
Enjoy your visit! 8-)

Joanne said...

The frost was so pretty this morning! Your picture is beautiful.♥

Magpie Sue said...

Holy cow! I'd invite you down for Thanksgiving too if I could eat pies like those!!!

Elaine Adair said...

What a beautiful view - both the landscape AND the pies! That's the kind of day a person loves to be inside, all warm and snug - the house probably smells like pies! 8-)))

Meggie said...

Wonderful food!! when I made Gom Pumking Pie, he was so disgusted he refused to even taste it!
Different tastes for different tastes I guess. I love the look of that Feast!

Darcie said... Pie heaven!