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Monday, November 01, 2010

Pattern Making

Pattern Making For a Perfect Fit

If you have an item of clothing that is a perfect fit but is worn out, or you would just like another one in a different color, this is the book for you. Steffani Lincecum shows you how to "rub off" a pattern without destroying the original. She shows two methods, one using paper and the other using muslin.
The first section explains the two methods and then goes on to discuss the tools and equipment, fabrics, measuring and even how to estimate the yardage needed.
The rest of the book goes into details of patterning skirts, dresses, blouses and even handbags. She not only tells you how to make the pattern, she goes into detail on how to construct the garment and how to re-style parts of it for a new look. For example, in the blouse section you can convert the pointed collar to a round one, or change the blouse into a halter top or tunic.
In the handbag section she takes a pattern from the source purse and makes several different looks by changing the fabric, handles and details.
It is well illustrated and the instructions are clear and consise. I did a lot of garment sewing before I started quilting and I would have loved to own this book back then. If you enjoy sewing garments but are tired of buying patterns that don't fit, this is the book for you.


sparkle jars said...

I've enjoyed catching up with your posts today. :-)This book sounds great, by the way.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

Interesting! I just took a class at a local fabric store on exactly this method -- so it's nice to know there's a book I could use to refine the technique...

carmel said...

and yes... I'd like this book too, thanks! haha xo
ps today is melbourne cup day so i'm modelling again. hehe.

Myra said...

Sounds like you've got a good find there Joyce! Good for you! 8-)