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Friday, November 19, 2010


I went to Winnipeg yesterday and of course, had to stop at a fabric store. I got these four pieces of fabric. I like the bright yellow the best. It has very subtle leaves and ferns on it.

I bring my hibiscus plant outside for the summer. When I bring it in it always goes crazy flowering. Besides the two flowers, it has 11 buds.


carmel said...

that plant is amazing!

Joyce said...

You bought it for me at least 13 years ago but I think more than that.

Myra said...

A beautiful plant Joyce! 8-)

Indonesia Eats said...

Hey Joyce,

I got your blog from Carmel. That hibiscus really reminds me of my mom's plant. Very lovely!

I didn't realize that the Caribbean uses this dried flower for beverage until I came to Winnipeg and learned about Caribbean cooking.