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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Since I don't have enough batting to quilt the jungle I started piecing the cityscape, inspired by the Chinese art book. I am straying far from the original already and in the photo I can already see something I will change. The purple building is too close in color to the purple side of the orange building so I tried it on the right side. I don't mind it there but I might change the side of the orange building to a lighter colour and put the purple building on the left side. I can see that the space between the two bottom windows on the purple building is too wide so I will be taking that apart and making it slightly narrower. I have discovered that with this type of free form quilting you have to be ready to undo often but the good thing is most of the seams are only about an inch or so long. I really like the narrow colored bands around the windows in the book but it's hard to get a strip of fabric that narrow so I might try doing it with thread later. A narrow satin stitch might do the trick.


ForestJane said...

You said:
"Since I don't have enough batting to quilt the jungle..."

That would be an ambitious project and take a LOT of batting!


But your butterflies look great!

meggie said...

Wow! that cityscape is just great!
It is so creative & isnt it fun to do your own thing!
I got a huge piece of John Kaldor fabric which has similar abstract city scape patterns- would be a good backing for your quilt.

quiltpixie said...

and the wonky houses continue! You're doing a great job of mirroring the drawing!

Alena said...

What a great idea to put the painting into a quilt form,
I am looking forward to follow the progress...

Carol said...

What an undertaking that is, I admire you for it. It's looking brilliant.