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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Granddaughters Again

I had so many nice comments about our Granddaughters that I thought I had better post a few more pictures. They stayed two days and they were fun-filled. (Both the days and the girls!)

Notice the safety wiener sticks. We saw them in a store a couple of years ago and bought several. The points face inward so there is no chance of stabbing anyone by accident.What' s a wiener roast without the marshmallows? We had a contest to see who could roast the perfect one. Of course, the grandparent judges had to do a taste test. Good thing I didn't put healthy eating as one of my New Year's Resolutions.

They made a bump half way down so they could do some jumping. By the end of the day they were able to jump over it without falling down some of the time.

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my studio. It was not a mess left by the girls. They are pretty good at cleaning up. No, it was a huge mess of fabric and dust that was all of my own making. Today I was able to work a bit more on quilting the butterflies. I have decided to do half orange and half blue on the back. I promise not to point it out to anyone as a mistake.

And finally, here is my "parts department" as recommended by Freddy and Gwen. I have rounded up all the stray blocks I could find to add to the ones I am making. I am pretty sure the pastel looking ones will end up back in the drawer, but you never know. I can't imagine how I will put all these together,but maybe if I invest in some black and white fabric and chose a "neutral" like red, it will be possible. It will be fun trying, even if the results end up being a bit strange.


Libby said...

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a bonfire -- now that looks like fun *s* The forks are an inspired idea. Can't wait to see the inspiration that goes into making a quilt from the 'parts department.'

quiltpixie said...

department" is looking well stocked... just remember its a parts department -- that means you don't have to use it all in one go, but you do have to restock the shleves from time to time :-)

Fiona said...

Just had to click on the picture to see what the safety forks looked like - what a simple but effective idea. I'll bet the sausages stay on better too. Looking forward to seeing how the parts fit together.

meggie said...

Love the pics of the girls having fun.
Love the parts dept too!
Will be very interesting to see what you do with them all.

I forgot to say.. the Grandfather tutor is a very handsome guy! Just saying!

Tonya R said...

the blocks are looking like so much fun. It's going great!

anne bebbington said...

NO! Joyce leave in those pastel blocks and make a few friends to go with them and then spread them randomly throughout the quilt - it all adds to the quirkiness of the finished result - if I can force myself to do scrappy without looking what comes next you can keep these in - if they really offend you that much mellow them down in some cold tea to soften them - this will look really good once it's done :o)

anne bebbington said...

Sorry Joyce - when I reread that it sounded soooooo bossy - I didn't mean it to come across that way :o)
I agree with Fiona - those forks are such a simple but clever idea

Darcie...Quilting By Darcie said...

***and chose a "neutral" like red***

Is that a quote from you, dear Joyce...or from Freddy or Gwen? Whomever it is...I LOVE THAT!!! Hurray for red!

Your bonfire and skiing pics bring a big smile to my face! I love winter! Can I come play in your soft, fluffy snow?! Ours is hard and slick...the worst for skiing.

Lois R. said...

Mmmmm... roasted marshmallows! I can do without the weiners, but not the marshmallows!

Glad you had such fun with the granddaughters.

I love the parts department. Can't wait to see how it looks all wrapped up.

Isn't it funny, I was just thinking today that Red really is a neutral.

Lily said...

Wow I bet those girls had such a great time. I think I had better come holiday at your place Joyce!! LOL

Great work on the blocks. What about forest green?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Boy, you don't get to visit someone for a week and then you find they have a "new house"-or 4 or 6! You have been so busy! I am so pleased to see that someone else gets so caught up in their work that they forget their bobbin thread. My justification is always that I was making it more "arty".
Love the 'don't point out your mistakes'resolution. That is always the first thing I do-and see-when I look at my work. A very bad habit! Enjoy all that fun sewing, Tracey

Cynthia said...

what a fun time with the grand daughters. I would love to have been there with you all sitting around the fire.

I can't wait to see how you are going to put all those blocks together. I just know it's going to look fantastic.

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE your 'parts' department .. I have that particular book also, and am inspired with the color. Hope you can get that all put together and posted.

The weenie roast brings back dear memories ... Thanks for the photos of dear family members.

Carol E. said...

Looks like fun. Can we all join you next time the granddaughters come to visit? And I love all the blocks, including the pastels with all the brights. Itll make it really dance if you leave the pastels in.

Katrina said...

Oh Joyce!! I wish that I could have been there for those two days too! It looks like you guys had such a great time and I'm sure that your grand daughters will remember that time for the rest of their lives :) Thanks for sharing.