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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thrift Shopping

We went to Portage, a couple of hours drive away, and of course had to stop at their thrift store. I did very well in the fabric department. These pieces are all about 3 yards and at $1 per yard, a very good deal. I was happy to find the blacks and polka dots. The big flowers on the orange background may turn into an apron. I like the 70's look but it's not great fabric for quilting. I saw an apron made out of a lined square used diagonally with the top point tuned down. If that's not clear, check back in a couple of days and I may have a sample done.


meggie said...

Great buys!
I got some garish blue fabric -3 meters for 50cents, & some other flannelette for backing kids quilts, as a garage sale, so I was pleased about that. All I have to do now is get sewing!!

Darcie said...

That will make the perfect apron!

Our second hand store is nothing close to what some of you girls have! You're so lucky!

Clare said...

Ooohhh thrift shops. I really miss those here. I have no idea what the French do with all their rubbish. I love the blacks, but you knew I would anyway!

Judy said...

Great fabrics Joyce! I rarely find fabric at "my" thrift store. I think I get the apron idea, but can't wait to see how you do it.


Karen said...

Good shopping, Joyce. I can find great wool for rug hooking, great clothes, great shoes, at my thrift stores but it's rare to find usable cotton fabric.

Libby said...

What great finds . . .that orange flower reminds me of somethings I used to wear back in grade school *s*