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Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Frame

Today I put the Tippy quilt on the frame and started quilting it. I chose a fairly complex pattern and I will have to buy more thread before I'm done for sure. I was a bit worried that I might have problems with all the seams but so far so good.
Some people have installed a light under the shelf of their Inspira frames and I can see that a light would be very helpful when quilting at night, which I seldom do. The shelf shades the quilting area .
It's still bitterly cold here with wind chills in the -30 range for several days now. However, when it is that cold and there is a full moon like now, it's incredibly beautiful, with lots of moon shadows on the snow. Maybe I'll get brave enough to go out there and get a picture tomorrow.


Clare said...

Photos please - quick!

I saw the world weather forecast on France 24 on Saturday and it said -20°c something or other in your part of the world!

Darcie said...

Isn't this COLD stuff just crazy?!? Perfect weather for staying indoors and being creative though.

Can't wait to see this when you're finished, Joyce!

Libby said...

Brrrrrrr . . . . just thinking about it makes me shiver *s*

atet said...

If you managed to gather the courage for the photos, you are a braver woman that I am. For our blast of chill, I stayed inside for two days straight! Have I mentioned lately that this kind of cold is just plain icky?

meggie said...

We used to get bitterly cold days in Christchurch, but nothing like you have. I can't really imagine it.
Do you have central heating in your house? I suppose you must have.

Exuberant Color said...

the colors of the quilt should keep you warm, LOL. it looks so pretty under that light.
We have warmed up for a couple days until we get the next blast of cold from your area.