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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Enough Beads??

Today I found this guitar at the thrift shop. I don't play or want to learn so I said whoever in the family is nicest to me will get it. This should be interesting. Lol.

I also found more beads. Do I have enough beads yet?


Anonymous said...

but what kind of guitar is it? does it say? lol
is it black?
your hair looks really pretty today.


Libby said...

The guitar is a great find . . . . have fun deciding who will be the new owner *s*

quiltmom said...

You have the best thrift store around- I love all the craft things that you find in yours- I am pretty sure I would not find any beads- these look nice additions to your collection.

Could a girl ever have too much fabric- I am pretty sure that it would take a long time for me to have too much fabric or beads- when I make a collection - more is good:)
You do have fun and create beautiful things - what is better than that..

Judy said...

one can never have enough beads!


Darcie said...

Oooh. If there is no one that actually plays...perhaps it's strumming to be a mixed media art piece?! such thing as *enough.* ;-)

MYRA said...

Busy lady, busy lady, and one that makes good finds! Good for you! 8-)

katelnorth said...

not sure I understand this concept "enough beads" of which you speak... :)

Ooh - had a real word for my word verification - chaff - wonder if there's any cosmic significance in that! LOL

Barb said...

As MTV says, "Too much is never enough", especially when it comes to beads and fabric. But I was certain, when I started reading this entry, that you were going to cover the guitar with beads. That would've been really cool. (But a waste of a good guitar.)