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Friday, February 06, 2009


This one is quilted and backed but the beads are not sewn on yet. I'm not sure if I'll use the big orange ones or not. Does anyone have any recommendation for the type of thread to use for the hanging tails of beads? Some of them are dangly earrings but lots of them are beads strung on a thread. So far, I've been using dental floss.

I finished the beading on the one on the left. It's about 25 inches squarish and the small one is about 15 inches. These are quite a lot smaller than my usual work.


Brenda said...

looking great. how about lightweight fishing line? you can get 100 metres or so for a looney or two at Canadian Tire. (now do any of the Americans reading this understand that?)

MYRA said...

Looking good Joyce!
Wow! They are smaller than I thought! You can't really tell from photos... 8-)
Happy stitchings and enjoy the nicer day!

Nellie's Needles said...


As for a beading thread recomendation, I use "Dandyline", size .oo8 by Beadalon. It's strong and flexible, near 0 percent stretch, water proof, and abrasion resistant. I've found that it can be colored with permanent marking pens if necessary ... it comes white.

Darcie said...

These are just cool. What a fun series! And now that I know the size of each...they're even better! Are you keeping them?

Helen said...

Now the one on the left is fabulous! Love it.