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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Summer's Pillow

I worked quite a bit on the blue one today but after reading the comments, I think I might take those two blue rectangles out and put something else in. That's one thing about this kind of sewing, you have to be ready to do a lot of ripping out. I can see when I look at it in a photo, that the rectangles compete too much with the circle. I'll try a few things over top before I do any ripping. I have some colored netting that might make a difference.

This is a pillow I made for Summer from the other circle she made. I stuffed it with left over bits of batting.


jovaliquilts said...

I like how you changed the polka dot blocks to side stripes -- looks good that way. The center strips that match the circle are much better now.

floribunda said...

Joyce I'm really having fun watching you play with these quilts, and I did actually pull my copy of the book off the shelf to re-read recently. Now I just need to DO something with it!

hetty said...

Your wall hanging looks great! I love the pillow too. Great fabrics!

Nellie's Needles said...'re getting there! Very nice pillow! What a generous thing you're doing for Summer in taking her blocks much further.

Cascade Lily said...

Oh I love the rectangles! I think they add balance and weight to the piece. And almost a Japanese influence.

Lynda said...

Audition, audition, audition! So much fun, but so hard too. The blue circle is looking stunning.