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Sunday, February 08, 2009

She's At It Again

I can't seem to let well enough alone, so here is the start of yet another quilt game. I am going for a bit of an outer space theme on this one. I particularly like the way the upper left circle turned out. This is just the barest beginning but I can see already that it will be very different from the others. Right now I am dyeing some black on white prints with the lime green dye that is on the sashings. The border fabric may have to go. It's a bit overpowering so far. I like the spiral but not the color. I have to get more fusible web before I can experiment any more with the spirals.
Yesterday I went to a bead store to get some proper beading thread because somehow dental floss just doesn't seem right. Some of the beads I got for 20cents for a pill bottle full were as much as that for each bead. The ones around the circle in the last blue wall hanging were very expensive. I also got a couple of new dangly earrings with stars to use on this quilt. My aim is to just use second hand for the embellishments but these were just so appropriate for what I had in mind that I bought them. Fortunately, they were kids' earrings and not very expensive.


Nellie's Needles said...

More FUN! I'm loving your adventure with these game quilts and feel as though I am on a vicarious adventure with you. Which is why I cannot resist offering solutions or another view point when you hit a snag.

It's a shame to not use that print on the left side that has all the colors you've chosen for the other parts. How about breaking up the pattern with random strips of black appliqued over the surface?

jovaliquilts said...

I love the spiral! But when I enlarged the photo I could see what you mean about the color. The green is great, can't wait to see your dyed B&W's. I love the border fabric, maybe you could keep some of it in there, even if it's not a big border?