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Friday, February 13, 2009

Still Playing

I went to Fabricland this morning to get fusible web and look what jumped into my shopping bag. It was Friday the 13th sale day. What can I say?
I also stopped at the thrift store and scored a few more beads. Soon my studio will be full of beads!

I added some of the new beads to this one. I think it's almost ready to put the backing on and call it finished.
I think I need to take a lint brush to my design wall. Too bad I dropped it and broke it in half. (The lint brush, not the design wall.)


Quilt Pixie said...

looks like you had a great Friday the 13th :-)

Anonymous said...

hey mum i made a short film! lol


Clare said...

Lovely fun fabrics. I like the idea of a Friday the 13th sale.

Darcie said...

What fun! Bet you weren't even expecting a sale on Friday the 13th!

Lynda said...

How annoying that you brought extra stuff home from the shop! Whatever will you do with it?!

quiltmom said...

What fun you have been having with all these lovely wall hangings- They all are beautiful with lots of interesting things happening in them. I particularly like the circular pieces.

Nice fabrics that you found in Fabricland. They have closed our closest Fabricland and I haven't been there for awhile. It looks like you found some real beauties.
I did go to one of our local quilt stores on the weekend and found some very nice pieces there.

Beads are lots of fun too. What more could a girl wish for- beads and fabric - all you need is some chocolate and your favorite drink..

Hope the weather is cooperating,