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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Camera

We bought a new digital camera today. We are trying it out and if not happy with it we can return it within thirty days. It is not very expensive but we want it for travelling and don't want to be too paranoid about losing a very expensive one. It's a Cannon A460. I tried to take photos of the beautiful candles that were a gift from my daughter-in-law's mother in Japan. They are much too beautiful to ever light but apparently they send up spiral smoke when they burn. Anyway, the blurry picture is being blamed on not knowing much about the new camera. It's not very fast at taking pictures but it does have a video feature which I like, although it won't be very useful for taking pictures of quilts.


Ali Honey said...

Amazing candles.

There should be a close up setting on that camera so it doesn't blur. I have a Canon A20 that's 6 years old, that I love. You'll have fun practising.....I presume it's delete is always an option.

Exuberant Color said...

I have an Olympus and it has a close up setting, and a macro setting. Did you get a CD tutorial with it? That's how I found all the features on mine.

Carol E. said...

I'd be very tempted to burn a candle just to see the spiral smoke. They are beautiful!

meggie said...

Those candles are very beautiful. I would love to se them burn, but if they were mine, I would never light them! LOL.
You will get used to your new camera, I am sure. The video feature will be nice for your grandsons!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hummm - I got a new digital last fall and brought it back - many of the photos were blurry. They blamed me - that I didn't know how to use a digital, the lag time, etc. Blah. You should be able to put the setting on P for program and it should focus just fine... which is what my old camera does, almost perfectly every time! And the digital feature - it looked great when it was tiny on the tiny camera screen, but lost about 75% of the clarity when I transferred it to the computer. So - take a test video first to make sure it works to your liking if that is your big reason to keep this particular camera. My nephew just got a fairly basic Kodak Sureshot (he is a fisherman and wanted something rugged for the boat, but able to zoom for photos of great things he sees out on the water) and so far he is loving that. Good luck!



DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Good luck with your new camera. One of the good things with digital you can play with the setting and just delete the bad photos.

I would not be able to light the candles either.

Clare said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but Blogger wasn't playing. I'm back in the land of the living and catching up on my reading.

Oh my have you been busy. New bags, lots of shopping and a new camera to boot!

My digi is a HP R727 and I love it.

Katie said...

Takes a little time to figure out a new camera but then it is worth it. Looking forward to more pics.

atet said...

What fun to play with the new camera. Hey, I STILL take blurry shots with my camera -- though, more good ones than not. Sometimes it just means you need to take tons of photos! (or my story anyway)

Love the new bags! Can't wait to see the next ones! And I wouldn't be able to burn those lovely candles either!