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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have made quite a bit of progress on the wonky quilt this weekend. I decided on Sweet Dreams for the words. I was going to add Baby but didn't really have room. I have sewn the houses on the top and sides but need to do some adding to make the bottom fit. That's what I like about Wonky quilting. It's like doing a jig saw puzzle but you get to make your own pieces and if they don't fit you just add to them or whack pieces off until they do. I'm sure I'll have to make more stars but I'll wait until I'm ready to add them. I'm now auditioning fabric for the borders. The white I have up there right now looks a bit gray from a distance. I may try the cow print that I got last week or else the wavy black and white that I bought in Plumas.
I can see that wonky is where my greatest pleasure lies in quilting. I love every minute of this kind of piecing. I'm sure there are a few more in my near future.


dot said...

This is great. I like wonky or free hand quilting. You just flow with the idea and let it take you where ever it wants. No boundries. What freedom. Live free or die. Isn't that the motto of New Hampshire? I like this.

Tazzie said...

It looks just fabulous Joyce. You're making wonderful progress.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fabulous. that pink and black in the center is really marvelous. I'm with you wholeheartedly on the wonky quilting - so much more fun than the traditional way.

Andrea said...

This looks amazing so far ! I quite fancy having a go at this wonky quilting - really sounds like fun !

Clare said...

Give me wonky any time! Another Joyce masterpiece. I do love your work.

Laurie Ann said...

Looking fabulous!!

Pam said...

Another fun masterpiece by Joyce :)) I love the wonky letters in the centre.

I agree that the white border looks a little grey - more like empty space then border.