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Monday, April 13, 2009


The Kaleidoscope is finally all finished, with the binding sewn down. This morning I washed and dried it. I put it on our queen sized bed to see what kind of fit it would be. It's a bit small but would be fine for a topper. If you click to enlarge you can see that I quilted the label right into the design. I also see a thread that I have to sew in. Too bad I didn't spot it before I took the picture. The picture is not very clear but it's so overcast and rainy today that the light isn't co-operating.

Here is the first circle quilt, with the larger circles that don't have any batting under them. I quilted it with loops and stars. I put a big star in the middle of each circle. On this one I sewed the circles on with invisible thread. I feel that it looks much better with the hand sewn circles, although It would be interesting to try to couch them down with some sort of whispy yarn. I took this one outside and pinned it to the clothes line but it started raining as soon as I got the camera out so I didn't dare take the Kaleidoscope out to photograph it.

This is a close up of a couple of the stars in circles.


Libby Fife said...

That red inner border is really striking. I do like the idea of couching the yarn but wonder if it would be disruptive to the overall pattern and feel of the quilt? The piece has a really contemporary, spare look to it. Good thing is that you could lay it out prior to and get a feel for it I bet.

From looking at the photo (not your design) I can really see that black, gray, and white fabrics would be tough to work with. I bet it was tough!

Have a good one:)

Lynn said...

Okay, I give up where is the label?

And that thread, yes, it really ruins the picture...NOT!!!! ;-)
Beautiful job on the Kalidascope and the black and white with just that tad of bright red shines! Like the stars too!!!!

Janet said...

Love the idea of quilting the label into the border. Congrats

Vicki W said...

I like to quilt labels into my quitls sometimes too. It's very satisfying! Love both quilts!

Jodie said...

Both finishes look great, well done.

MYRA said...

Awesome finishes Joyce! Gosh I envy how much you get done!!! You rock! 8-)

Quilts And Pieces said...

It is wonderful!

Darcie said...

Your Kaleidoscope looks amazing! Very glamorous.

I LOVE the inner red border with the black/white circles! Terrific job, Joyce!

Anonymous said...