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Saturday, April 11, 2009


The circles are all stitched on and the border is attached. Now for some decisions.
Does it need any color?
Would beads look good on it? If so, color or black and white or crystal? In a pattern or scattered randomly?
Does it need another border?
What kind of quilting should it have?
Should I quilt it in black or white or color?
How will I back it? Should I envelope it or bind it?
Which way should it hang? It is square so it can go any way.
I'm sure more questions will arise as I work on it.


Mary said...

I think a red binding and red beads--I'm a symmetrical kinda gal, so I would put the beads on in some kind of pattern--maybe seed beeds (or something like that) making other circles on the quilt. I like it. I don't think it matters which way you hang it--but I really liked the first picture you posted.

Debra said...

I tend to like busy pieces but I think beads would probably be overkill unless they were really big and funky--like the middles of big ole sunflowers.

Lots of straight line quilting would be a nice contrast to the circles and you could extend the quilting line visually into the border like you did with some of the fabric triangles.

I don't think it "needs" any color but you could certainly pin a color up next to the border and see if you like it.

It's a very groovy piece and I really like it!

Janet said...

Take it from the art teacher, it needs an asymetrical small touch of color. The backing could be the same color. Binding, well if there is a print of black and white with that same accent. Your the expert in quilting but color may be too much. I've never used beading so I have no opinion. To much advice, sorry if I over stepped my bounds. I love the quilt!!!

Chris said...

I love the idea of a variegated colored thread on this top and a red or multicolor binding

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love it! OK, here are my thoughts (if I can remember all the questions!)

No color, keep as is and bind in black.
beads would be cool - I"d do crystal.
patern or scattered? that I don't ahve a feel for since I"m not as good with that.
Bind it.

Miss Snips said...

new to your blog, just surfin' on a lazy sunday afternoon and came through via quilting bloggers site. I say the quilt is yours and the decisions should be completely your and then it is all yours.
now will read back a few posts to catch up on your ART...

Cher said...

I think you could arrange using corners to hang it so you could turn it any way you wish for a different appearance. I think you will find what you need to do by living with it for a while-certainly embellishing would add sparkle-it just depends on what speaks to you.
I usually always bind myself

MYRA said...

Looking good Joyce! I stand by my suggestion from the other day... No need to type it all again... lol!

Have the rains rid you of a lot of snow too?

Happy stitchings!

Wanda said...

I am SO looking forward to seeing what you come up with...or try out and post pictures!! I am just LOVING this!