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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Forks Treasures

Here are the treasures I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Grand Forks. The two large flower prints are extra wide for backing. The fat quarters were 79cents each. They were pretty picked over but I basically took one of each that was left. The dark at the top is more yardage of some fabric I already have and love.
I also got a great deal on a ceramic lined non-stick frying pan but neglected to take a picture of it. It was a fun day and the people at both border crossings couldn't have been nicer. We'll have to do that again sometime soon.


free2quilt said...

Good for you. My husband and I will be going down to GF Dec. 28th, and I plan on dropping by Jo-Anne's.

Debra said...

I recently bought that blue with pink flowers FQ. It struck me as an interesting design and colorway. Any plans for yours?

quiltmom said...

Wow Joyce,
What extrordinary prices for fat quarters- I did get some recently for a dollar a piece on line from a Canadian shop. They have a sale on every Friday the 13th. You don't get to choose the fabrics - there were some nice ones and others were pretty ordinary ones but kind of a fun way to add to the stash.
I wish that I was a little closer to the American border- Edmonton is a long way north from the border - about 7 hours drive.

Have fun creating with your new fabrics.
Warmest regards,

Meggie said...

Wow love your bargains!

Dolores said...

OMG 79 cents? And I thought $1.49 was good at JoAnn's when we visited California. Way to go with the FQs.