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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scrappy Table Topper

I have a folding table that I use for crafts or extra company. Because of the crafts, it's not very presentable for company. Today I thought I'd make a table cloth the right size for it. It needs a cover about 45x80 inches. I have used lots of scraps, but there are still tons left. I might put a piano key border between the small and large blocks. Or maybe some smaller blocks. Or maybe a black and white print. The options are endless.


carmel said...

since you are cooking with pomegranate now, i thought you might enjoy this recipe... it seems like it would be tasty on crepes and ice cream, hehe

Lynn said...

looks nice. I went to a great contemporary quilt show yesterday. You can see photos on my blog. I'm sure you will like them.

Debra said...

how about another row of big blocks?

Elaine Adair said...

I'm really liking the scrappy table topper especially - seems like the perfect thing to work on at a Retreat when one does not need to stress, or concentrate too much.

Of course, I LOVE the first one, colorful black/bright colors. Someone mentioned to use navy thread on black to reduce eye strain. ?? Haven't tried it yet.