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Friday, December 23, 2005

Here it is pinned and ready to quilt. I am going to go around the white lattice and then do a design in each square and in the shapes around the squares. I have gone around the outside of two of the hexagons and it's no joke! The whole quilt has to be shifted in a complete circle before it's done. Good thing it's a small one!

I think I will do free motion for the design inside the squares and shapes . Instead of marking, I am going to use tissue paper templates that I will sew right over and remove after the sewing is done.
Will it be easier and faster than marking? Time will tell. Marking is the least fun part of quilting so hopefully this method will eliminate that step.

Here it is from the back with two of the large hexagons done. I still have to do a smaller one inside and around the squares.

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