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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I still don't have any black dye, so Cherie's quilt is on hold for the time being. I looked around in Morden but only found yellow and pink dyes. I'll have to go further afield.
Today I got the borders on True's quilt. I decided to go with a narrow red strip instead of piping, partly because I had the red fabric on hand and partly because piping is really difficult to do properly. I did my first mitred corners and am relatively happy with them. It would have been easier without the red strip but I managed to get them matching to my satisfaction. Now I have to get the backing ready, mark it and pin it. Not my favorite part of quilting. If I manage to get black dye today, Cherie's will move to the front of the queue again. Hers will be a nightmare to quilt because it is so big but I guess that is all part of the challenge.

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