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Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's done! All I have to do is stitch on the label which I made earlier with fabric pens. The edges are more rippled than I would like. I think I have to stop pinning it up on the design wall to take pictures. That probably stretches the sides. I love the pattern and the colors though.


Sandy Debreuil said...
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Sandy Debreuil said...

Wow! It's beautiful. I can't believe you give them away....I would just buy more beds! What a wonderful gift, from a great quilting gramma!
(I made a typo before and didn't know how to change deleted the comment)

Sandy Debreuil said...


AMAZING!!!... Thats what it is... amazinhg. I cant belive how good it looks. I cant wait to show it off at rez. Definitly the best x-mas present you could give. Its going be hard to beat this one. Thank you so much. Love you lots and can't wait to see you.

Your Loving Grandaughter,